Sliding board Tsubasa

About Tsubasa


Tsubasa is a sliding board created by one of the two largest spinal injury centers in Japan.

It helps you transfer from one surface to another, such as from bed to wheelchair.

Tsubasa's unique shape makes it easier to use than other boards.

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What makes it different?


3 differences between other boards and Tsubasa

Easy to grip with a side hand hole.

Designed to avoid the wheel and user's legs.

Provided a guide to check the position to set up easily.


Price and details

Tsubasa Size M

・Size W:600×D:300×Thick:0.6
・Weight 0.7Kg
・Weight Capacity Up to 90Kg
・Price 22,000JPY (Tax is not included)



Tsubasa Size L

・Size W:720×D:310×Thick:0.8
・Weight 1Kg
・Weight Capacity Up to 120Kg
・Price 27,500JPY (Tax is not included)



Free Trial for 2 weeks!

You can get a chance to try Tsubasa for free for 2 weeks.

We've been doing this special campaigh untill the end of November.   (Sorry Japan only)

It takes only 5mins!

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